is 17,18 a good age to start learning coding?

In this article let us take a look at a few reasons why learning coding and programming at the age of 14 15 16 17 18 and in adolescence age is very good for many students both boys and girls.

All the reasons I mentioned in this article are backed by statistics and data so you can rely on the information provided in this article and also bookmark the article and share with your friends to let them know who are interested about learning coding at the young age.

So without further ado let’s dive right in.

Why 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, is good age to start learning coding?

The primary reason for why learning coding and any other skill in this age of Adolocence is good because in this age the students can have high learning capabilities high concentration and creativity and also ability to remember and focus is also more and they can also have more time to practise coding and create new projects and work on them and also ability to start making money early in the life which can help them understand the value of money and become financially independent fast.

But it is very important to understand whether a child is showing any interest towards coding or not by providing them the knowledge and exposure towards coding and computers and you can do that at this age.

Now let’s take a look at all the reasons in detail.

Great time for learning new skill

One of the main reasons why you should teach your child coding at a young age like adolescence is because it is a great time for any children and person to learn any skill.

For example if you have noticed many top Olympic medallists like Michael Phelps (who is the greatest Olympian and best swimmer in the world) for example have learnt swimming at the age of 7 and started participating in many swimming competitions in the Adolescence age and not just him but many top people like athletes have learnt the skill and started practising it in their childhood.

There is a big reason why many athletes have a huge success if they learn the skill at a young age as a matter of fact In the adolescence age, Significant changes are happening in the pre-frontal cortex; the area of the brain which is responsible for planning, problem-solving, assessing risk, decision-making and social interaction. These changes impact behaviour, meaning that teenagers are more likely to engage in risky behaviour, place undue emphasis on social rewards, and struggle to read and understand others’ emotions.

Not just that but learning abilities, ability to gather the feedback, information and remember, retain it, concentration & focus levels, creativity, curiosity, out of the box thinking are also very high in the Adolescence age for the students.

Coding can also teach the children things like resilience and bounce back by learning their mistakes, they can also become consistent and disciplined with their work which can help them in other aspects of life.

And if you want to be a good programmer and coder you need to have all these qualities such as curiosity concentration patients creativity out of the box thinking and problem solving skills and this is why I believe learning any skill is very good option at this age and as the age of the person grows their concentration and ability to learn new things and retain information will also decrease.

More time to practice & learn

Another reason why you should try to teach your children coding and other skill is that they can have more time to practise and learn the skills and because you are talking about coding, first of all it is very important to check whether your child if he is showing any interest towards coding and computers or not because obviously coding is just like any other skill and some children’s might like it and others don’t so as a parent you should do your job which is to provide education and exposure of coding and computers and teach what coding is all about to the students so that they can learn about it and you should observe whether the children is liking coding or not by spending time with them and giving them the access of computer and you can also try to enrol the child in any coding institute for children or online coding courses so that they can gain knowledge about it.

And if they are showing any interest by typing coding in their computer then it is a good thing because they have a lot of time to practise coding and become good.

There are many popular languages like python Java JavaScript kotlin, which help you in specific purposes for example JavaScript is the best language for front end development whereas Java is good back end and python is good for machine learning and artificial intelligence but it takes a lot of time to learn the basics and become good at this programming languages but if your child is at the age of 17 for a suppose then they can have enough time after coming back from school and start practising coding everyday at least two hours and You can easily become good at coding and start working on various projects in less than 1.5 years.

The main advantage of learning coding at this age is you have more time as a child to do various projects and improve your coding skills and also increase your problem solving logical thinking and other skills required to become a good programmer and of course you can specialise in various fields like web development, app development machine learning and many more which gives you more skill sets and opportunities.

Start making money early

And the third reason is very obvious that by learning coding at a young age like 15 or 16 since you get good at programming at a very young age you can start making money by freelancing or you can also get a internship and entry level job in any startup.

More importantly the child can also create any startup like application or website and become an entrepreneur.

There are many benefits of trying to earn money at early stage of your life such as you will learn the value of money and you will become a valuable person because you have the skills of coding and programming which are useful for companies and you also can save money and invest it and become financially independent in future.

With that said let’s conclude the article.


These are all the reasons why learning coding at adolocence is very good choice.

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